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This has been a tax season like no other!  No one was expecting a global pandemic to disrupt our lives and businesses.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation during these not so normal times.

In order to get everyone taken care of this tax season we need to remind you of the following items:

We understand that everyone has unique tax needs.  Situations are not ideal for most businesses or individuals.  We will do our best to address each situation.  Please be patient as we work thru the hundreds of emails and calls that we receive on a daily basis.  We are not ignoring you. A majority of Americans are affected in some manner, making it impossible to answer everyone at the same time by phone, text or email.  Multiple emails or calls to the office to check on your status just causes more of a backlog

Government Offices Closed and Reduced Staff:  We are having to adjust for the IRS, IL Department of Revenue and IL Secretary of State. These offices are slowly opening but are dealing with a tremendous backlog and very few employees.  Getting answers, whether via phone, fax or email, are taking very long times.  We ask that you are patient as we are doing what we can, with the limited resources that are available.

Stimulus Payments and SBA PPP or EDL Loans:  Please understand that this is all rolling out with very limited or non-existent instructions and guidance.  No one knows the process or restrictions for sure.  We are taking the time to research more resources and determine answers as best we can for you.  

We will be working overtime to get your needs met. However, we need your help on several items:

Remain calm.  Multiple calls and emails on the same item just cause more backlog.

Treat June like it is a normal March in tax season.  Get us all of your tax information promptly so we can get your returns filed.

Remember that everyone is overwhelmed right now. 

Please go through the front desk with Val or Jennifer for questions, status and appointments.

Do not text or email Todd directly and expect a quick resolution. 

There is the ability to go to our website and schedule time with Todd.  This is under the Contact tab and allows you to set your own time with what is available.

When you come to your appointment (by phone, zoom or in person), payment is expected at that time.  We will not file returns until signature and payment arrangements are made.

We appreciate your business and will continue to strive to provide the best customer service.  We look forward to talking with you soon!  However, you do need to understand that wait and lead times are significantly longer then normal seasons.  This is a fact of the business world everywhere right now.